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PARIS.  In an effort to stem the spate of terroristic violence after the Charlie Hebdo murders, today the French legislature responded to conservative groups and approved the world’s first guillotine carry law. The new law permits Parisians to possess... Read More


Sort-of-the-News is the product of the imagination of Farkley Bugg, an experienced university professor who looks at the world through, well, unique glasses, perhaps comprised of plastic that has had all content obscured so only the apparent truth is visible through them.  The columns reflect reality to the extent that reality is the product of both imagination and a certain intellectual filter.

Professor Bugg holds many degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious universities so that he has as many degrees as a small thermometer but twice as much common sense as all but the most sophisticated thermometers.  He  lived for years in the South but now is sort of a vagabond, making a  living sharing his vast knowledge of science, human relations, history, law, medicine, and assorted other fields, especially gravity.

To many, Farkley Bugg is one of the few Renaissance Men on earth.   Sort-of-the-news.com is designed to help pay back the world for its generosity to Professor Bugg over many years.  The insight within this blog is simply too insightful to keep from the coffers of wisdom in every corner of the globe.  FB