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Posted on 16-09-2011 | E-mail this to a friend

Farmington, Iowa.   Ella Williams, an energetic five-year-old lost a front tooth and revolutionized the worldwide quest for an effective diet method.

As if by divine manipulation, Ella happened to weigh herself on the family’s new digital scale.  A few minutes later she lost an upper front tooth that had been loose for a few days.  Just for fun, she then weighed herself again.  Ella and her family were shocked that she had lost seven ounces.

“I had no idea her tooth was so heavy,” said her father, Jonathan Williams, a professional poker player.  When Kristin Williams, Ella’s mom and a publicist for the entertainer will.i.am,  described the weight loss on her Twitter account and put a video of the tooth coming out on YouTube, the video soon became viral and her Twitter account was flooded with comments from all over the world.

Dentists everywhere have reported they are overwhelmed by people, primarily women, who want teeth pulled in order to lose weight.  Since back teeth weigh more than front teeth, most of the requests are to extract the large molars which can weigh as much as nine ounces.

Dr. Pierre LaBouche, a Paris dentist, reported that one of his patients had eight teeth removed, losing almost four pounds.  “The beauty of this form of dieting is that it is permanent and the pain lasts only a few weeks,” said Dr. LaBouche.  “Plus you can continue to eat as much as you want, though many of my patients find it best to avoid certain foods that require heavy-duty chewing.”

Colleen O’Kennedy, President of the International Association of Tooth Fairies (IATF), issued a press release endorsing the new diet fad but cautioning that the tremendous increase in lost teeth would strain her already overworked band of tooth fairies.  “I just hope people are patient,” she said.  “We have not had this volume of work since that communist-inspired fluoride was thrust upon innocent children.”